2010 WNYMedia Endorsements

November 1, 2010

Since we have a divergence of opinion on our site, we thought we’d take a different approach to our annual endorsements. We’ll give each of our political writers an opportunity to endorse their candidate of choice and use majority rules to give a final sitewide endorsement to candidates. We feel this is the best way to give the fullest picture and the most information about each candidate.
US Congress, NY-28: Louise Slaughter, Dr. Jill Rowland

Alan Bedenko: Louise Slaughter. Because she’s awesome, and because Jill Rowland is nowhere doing nothing.

Marc Odien: Louise Slaughter is and has been one of the greatest representatives we have in Western New York. And she has a lot of clout in Washington to do great things for this region.

Chris Smith: Rep. Slaughter is one of the most senior and respected members of Congress. She doesn’t take any shit and has full command of issues like health care reform, high speed rail, alternative energy proposals and economic development. She is a true advocate for Buffalo, Rochester, and Niagara Falls.

Brian Castner: Slaughter’s entrenchment is the only reason she has not been voted out for her laundry list of FAILures. As head of the Rules Committee, she has not allowed a single bill to appear on the floor of the House open for amendments, the first time that has happened in 221 years. Hope and Change! Hyper-partisanship aside, she got chump change for NY for high speed rail, was bureaucratically inept on the healthcare passage (anyone remember the Slaughter Solution?), and stops by WNY only when its time to get re-elected. She is a true advocate for Rochester, but I am skeptical about the rest. Dr. Rowland is a bit too Tea Partyish for me, but she is better than Slaughter.

Colin Eager: I really like Slaughter. She’s got a great accent, and I saw her respond to a question about high speed rail with a 10 minute technical discussion of the engineering challenges of the project. She’s a smart lady, and her staffers were always great, too.

Final WNYMedia Endorsement: Rep. Louise Slaughter

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