Democratic Congress Off to A Great Start

The last time I wrote to you, I told you about six promises Democrats were making to the American people – six goals we were determined to achieve in the first 100 hours of the new Congress.

Well, I am as pleased as can be to report that we made good on those promises. Since January 4th, Democrats have reached out to Republicans and passed a series of bills reflecting some of the top priorities of voters. We passed legislation to restore honesty and openness to our government, to re-establish fiscal responsibility, to strengthen our national security, and to expand hope and opportunity for all Americans. We passed bills to cut federal student loan interest rates in half, to raise the minimum wage, to end subsidies for Big Oil, to promote stem cell research, to lower Medicare prescription drug prices, and to implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. And we did it all with 58 hours to spare.

As proud as I am that we have been able to deliver on our promises thus far, I also know that we have a lot of work ahead of us. And so today, I’m asking you to stay with us during the coming months and years. We need to continue to work together to give the American people the real security they deserve.

That means changing our course in Iraq, rebuilding our military, and securing our homeland. But we won’t stop there. I promise you that Democrats will keep fighting to give our citizens a Congress that will exercise its oversight responsibility and hold this Administration accountable for its decisions. At the same time, we will take on the pivotal issues confronting our country, everything from combating global warming and promoting energy independence to ensuring real education and economic opportunities from coast to coast.

We are off to a great start, and I believe that the successes of the First 100 Hours represent just the beginning of a new era of leadership and responsible government in Washington. But most of all, I’m looking forward to finding out just how much we can achieve together for our families, for our communities, and for our country.

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