Thank You

You did it.

On Tuesday, people from every corner of the country went to the polls determined to get our country moving in a new direction. They sent Democrats to Washington – Democrats who have the fresh ideas America needs to get back on track.

Your work made it happen – and it wasn’t always easy. This victory was years in the making, and this online community was a huge part of it: raising money, awareness, and turning out a record number of voters.

And what a victory it has been. Democrats now control the House and the Senate. The majority of our nation’s governors are Democrats, too – among them, Elliott Spitzer, the first Democratic governor of New York in 12 years. In fact, here in our state, Mike Arcuri, Kirsten Gillibrand, and John Hall all won Congressional seats in races against incumbent Republicans.

None of this would have been possible without your energy,
enthusiasm, and support. Thank you.

Now we must turn to the challenges ahead. Americans want new
leadership in Washington as we continue address the problems facing our country, both at home and abroad – from corruption in Congress to the war in Iraq.

My Democratic colleagues and I are honored and excited to have been given the opportunity to provide that leadership. Today, I pledge to you that we will do everything we can to chart a new and more hopeful course for our country.

It won’t be easy. But my colleagues and I can always draw strength from the faith and trust you have placed in us.

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