President's Budget Is Leaving New York Behind

A recent Democratic analysis of President Bush’s proposed 2007 federal budget has revealed how damaging it will be for New York families and citizens.

“There isn’t anything sacred enough to avoid being slashed by this budget,” Rep. Slaughter said. “Healthcare, jobs, education, national security, the quality of our environment – the President thinks it’s all less important than ensuring that those already on top stay there.”

“The President’s misguided priorities aren’t shared by the citizens of Western New York, or the American people,” Rep. Slaughter said. “Democrats have always fought, and will continue to fight, for an honest and open government that will put our physical and economic security first, that will defend our schools, extend healthcare, and demand a responsible federal budget.”

“The people want a government that shares their values – not the same backward agenda that the President insists on offering us,” Rep. Slaughter concluded.

The study, conducted by the Democratic Party’s leadership, found that:

  • While 167,100 manufacturing jobs have been list in New York since 2000, and while family income has dropped by an average of $709, the President’s budget eliminates $238,365,000 in funding for job training and employment services in the state.
  • While there are 2,705,000 people without health insurance in New York, and while health insurance costs have increased by 36 percent, the Republican budget eliminates $99 million in preventive and community health funding nationwide. It also cuts Medicare by $36 billion over the next five years.
  • While home heating costs are expected to increase by 87 percent in New York’s region of the country, and gas prices have increased by 89 cents in New York since January 2001, the President’s budget is $2.3 billion short on low-income home energy assistance (LIHEAP) promised in the new energy law, and slashes help to working Americans to reduce their energy bills.


  • The President’s budget slashes first responder funding in the Homeland Security Department by 25 percent below this year’s level, including completely eliminating the $385 million Local Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program.
  • Over the past five years, Republicans have underfunded the No Child Left Behind Act by $55 billion nationwide. Under the President’s budget 300,605 children in New York will go without promised help in reading and math.
  • The budget eliminates $54,510,000 in funding from New York’s Community Services Block Grant, which works to lessen poverty in communities, and cuts $32,810,000 in funding from the Social Services Block Grant, which provides people in New York with social services directed toward achieving economic self-sufficiency.
  • President Bush is willing to do all of this while also squandering trillions of dollars on permanent tax cuts for the wealthy – giving New York’s wealthiest one percent $23,299 in tax breaks in 2010, while middle-income families would get $67. His tax cuts have helped push our national deficit to a record-high $8 trillion, increasing the amount of money America owes foreign countries.

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