Public officials should not be able to use privileged information to make a profit. Louise has been leading the fight in Congress to create transparency and hold government officials accountable.

It took six years of fighting, but in 2012 Louise got the STOCK Act passed – a law that bans insider trading by members of Congress and their staff. But at the last minute, the Republican majority stripped out of the bill a key provision that regulated “political intelligence.” The political intelligence industry generates at least $400 million in annual profits by gleaning information from the halls of government and selling it to Wall Street. Louise is now working to pass a new bill, called the Political Intelligence Transparency Act, which would close this loophole by subjecting those who engage in political intelligence to the same rules as lobbyists.

Louise has also authored numerous reports detailing corruption and the influence of special interests in Washington. In 2006, Louise led an investigation into the influence of special interests in Washington and published a report, titled “America for Sale.” She has also pushed for the DISCLOSE Act, which would require companies to disclose political contributions and would require shareholder approval for corporate campaign expenditures.

Louise believes that your government should be an open book and public officials should be required to operate transparently and be held accountable to the people who elect them.