Lake Ontario and the other Great Lakes are a leading economic driver for communities across our region and are a part of what makes Rochester so special. Louise has helped lead efforts to conserve these vital economic and natural resources as co-chair of the bipartisan Great Lakes Task Force. She has led the effort to preserve and restore the Great Lakes, and has secured more than $1.2 billion in funding for the cause.

Growing The Economy

Louise is dedicated to making sure the Great Lakes remain a force for economic growth in Rochester. She has advocated for Rochester’s dredging operations and secured funding to dredge the Port of Rochester and Irondequoit Bay so that Rochester remains open for business.

Protecting The Environment

The natural beauty and economic potential of the Great Lakes must be preserved for future generations. Louise is working across state and national lines to preserve and restore the lakes. She was an original co-sponsor of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act, which is the largest investment in the Great Lakes in decades and provides vital support to coordinate restoration efforts and fight invasive species, as well as algae blooms, that threaten the lakes.

Stopping Invasive Species

Louise was the lead Democratic sponsor of the Stop Asian Carp Act, which required the US Army Corp of Engineers to find options for preventing the invasive species from entering the Great Lakes. She is committed to preventing more invasive species from reaching the Great Lakes and combating those that are already here.