Louise believes that American workers are the core of our nation’s economic strength – and our federal policies must protect local manufacturing, support the creation of more jobs, and protect the rights of American workers.

Unfortunately, the workers who have built America’s prosperity have been virtually abandoned by thirty-plus years of misguided trade policy. That’s why Louise has fought against bad trade deals like NAFTA and the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership, which are shortsighted corporate giveaways that end up exporting American jobs, not American products. And she’s fighting to eliminate job-killing tariffs to make sure small businesses can create jobs here at home by selling their products to new markets around the world.

Opposing Bad Trade Deals

Beginning with the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, the United States has entered a series of trade agreements that have failed American manufacturers and American workers. Instead of exporting American products, we are exporting American jobs – as other countries undercut our businesses with cheap labor and lax environmental standards. Louise has always led the fight against bad trade deals, like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Union and Workers Rights

American Labor Unions helped to build the largest middle class in the world. Unions have fought for increased wages, vital workplace protections, and justice for workers. Louise has always stood alongside unions to improve working conditions and raise salaries for hard-working Americans.