America is a nation of immigrants – but our immigration system is broken. Louise Slaughter is committed to comprehensive immigration reform that is fair, compassionate, and requires responsibility – both from immigrants and employers – and that guarantees everyone is playing by the same rules.

Louise also believes immigrants who enter the country should be able to do so fairly, without being taken advantage of by human traffickers or abusive partners. Louise co-authored the first comprehensive federal law to address human trafficking, and in 2014 secured a $310,000 grant for the Worker Justice Center of New York, which provides legal services for survivors of human trafficking in agriculture.

In 1994, Louise co-authored the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which has been credited with causing a 67 percent drop in incidents of domestic violence. Louise included provisions in VAWA that allowed immigrant spouses to apply for a visa on their own, instead of depending on a resident spouse who was often the abuser. In 2013, Louise led the fight to expand VAWA to fully protect immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, and Native Americans.

Louise is also committed to helping her constituents in the Rochester area navigate the complex immigration system.