DC Republicans Have Gone Off The Rails

Wednesday October 4, 2006

I am mad as a wet hen about the disgusting stories coming out of Washington on yet another blockbuster Republican scandal. As a mother and a grandmother, I am disgusted at reports that top Republicans in this House might have put political expedience ahead of the safety of the children in our care.

Instead of dealing with the disgraceful actions of former Republican Representative Mark Foley, they seemingly chose to cover the story up for as long as three years. Every parent in America deserves to know why the Republican leadership allegedly hid Foley’s disgusting predatory behavior instead of acting to stop it.

This week, rather than accepting responsibility for the consequences of their inaction, Republicans in Washington are doing their best to pass the buck. There is simply no accountability among the Republican Leadership, no matter how severe the circumstances.

The safety of children on Capitol Hill should be more important than spin and political posturing. This is about trust. And, Washington Republicans are in disgrace. They have gone off the rails, and they’ve taken America with them. From Iraq, to Afghanistan, to the Foley matter, to Jack Abramoff, to the economy, America deserves a fresh start.

We already knew that we couldn’t trust Republicans to effectively protect us from outside threats by implementing the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations. We already knew that they couldn’t be trusted to keep our troops safe on the battlefield by getting them the armor and equipment they need. But now, we can’t even trust them to keep kids safe in the halls of Congress. This scandal says a great deal about the real values of the Republican Leadership in Washington today.

Keep in mind again this is the third Republican Member who had to resign from this Congress in disgrace.

Let’s all work hard to make sure we can give America a fresh start on November 8. Join my campaign today.

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