Lets set the record straight on Congressional Republicans

Friday January 27, 2006

Lately, House Republican leaders have been busy complaining that Democrats aren’t working with them on their meager attempt to enact lobby reform in Congress. These are the same Republicans who have drowned Washington into a sea of scandal, resulting in zero accountability in Congress. The bottom line is Republicans are the root source of today’s culture of corruption in Washington. They themselves are the problem, not the solution. If you are reading this blog, help me set the record straight. Invite your friends to join my campaign so that we can keep spreading the facts on Republican culture of corruption.

We need to keep reminding folks how just over one year ago, the current Republican leadership in the House of Representatives drew up a “Delay Protection Plan,” which gutted the Ethics rules in Congress, and pulled the rug out from under the House Ethics Committee, rendering it impotent. They created the K-Street Project and have designed their philosophy of government around linking big money to big access. This culture of pay-to-play politics, rife with kickbacks, bribery and money laundering scandals, the regular abuse of House rules, the strong-arming of members for their votes have exacted a high price on every man woman and child in America. They have created a system where the lobbyists are writing the bills and the American people are locked out of the room where decisions are made, all in the interest of money and power.

The cold hard truth is that this Republican leadership, the most corrupt in modern history, doesn’t have the credibility to lead a real reform effort. So while Republicans are criticizing Democrats for not cooperating with their efforts to “reform” Congress, help us get the word out about our efforts to drain this republican swamp of corruption and enact a real, comprehensive ethics reform package that will actually clean up Congress, not just put a band-aid on the problem. So help me set the record straight so we can get America moving in the right direction again, and ensure that your government is once again working for you. Ask your family and friends to join my campaign today.

The American people have paid a heavy price for these unethical and heavy-handed tactics. Now is the time for all of us to realize that the very Republican Members of Congress who put America up for sale to the highest bidder have neither the ability, nor the credibility, to lead us in a new direction.

We need fundamental reform in the United States Congress, and that means a fundamental change in House and Senate leadership. That is the only long-term solution to this growing crisis.

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