My radio address on Jack and the Republicans …

Friday January 6, 2006


The Jack Abramoff scandal is a bipartisan scandal.


The Abramoff scandal reveals the scope and depth of the corrupt Republican power structure that dominates Congress and Washington today:

Jack Abramoff personifies the Republican culture of corruption through cozy relationships (going well beyond giving out campaign contributions) between Republican Congressional lawmakers, various high level administration officials from government agencies, and the powerful lobbying interests in Washington’s K Street. His central role in the numerous, inter-related scandals weave a web of corruption that exemplifies the dangers of one party rule, and one that is truly unique in its scope, nature and impact to the Republican Conference which runs both houses of Congress.

*Abramoff was a Bush “Pioneer,” raising more than $100,000 for the President’s reelection in ‘04.

*Tom DeLay once called Abramoff one of his “closest and dearest friends”

*Abramoff was a major part of the Republican’s “K Street Project”

*All four lawmakers said to be under Justice Department investigation for the Abramoff scandal are Republicans (Ney, Burns, Doolittle, and DeLay)

*Nearly 2/3rd of contributions from Abramoff’s tribal clients, Abramoff himself, his lobbying team, and their spouses from 1999-2004 went to Republicans.

*64 of the 72 skybox fundraising events held by Abramoff between 1999 and 2003, were put on for Republicans, many of them members of the House leadership, and many of them undisclosed.


HE AND HIS WIFE ONLY DONATED TO REPUBLICANS AND CONSERVATIVE PACS: From 1992-2004, Jack Abramoff and his wife personally donated $189,003 to Republican candidates, and $111,735 to Republican and conservative PACs. They donated no money to Democrats. []

A BUSH “PIONEER”: Abramoff was a Bush “Pioneer,” raising more than $100,000 for his reelection in ’04. [R. Jeffrey Smith, “A High-Powered Lobbyist’s Swift Fall From Grace,” Washington Post, 8/12/05.]

MEMBER OF BUSH’S PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION TEAM: Abramoff was a member of Bush’s Presidential Transition Team, “advising the administration on policy and hiring at the Interior Department, which oversees Native American Issues.” [Richard Wolffe and Holly Bailey, “Oil Dilemma,” Newsweek Web-Exclusive Commentary, 4/21/05.]

TOM DELAY’S “CLOSEST AND DEAREST” FRIEND: Tom DeLay once called Abramoff one of his “closest and dearest friends.” [Jeff Shields, “GOP’s best friend could be its nightmare,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/7/05]

CHAIRMAN OF THE COLLEGE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE: Abramoff was chairman of the College Republican National Committee in the early 80’s, where he met his longtime associates Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed. [Michael Crowley, “A Lobbyist in Full,” New York Times, 5/1/05]

MAJOR PART OF THE REPUBLICAN’S “THE K STREET PROJECT”: Abramoff was a major part of “The K Street Project,” in which lobbying firms were pressured to hire and donate to Republicans. “It was my role to push the Republicans on K Street to be more helpful to the conservative movement.” [Michael Crowley, “A Lobbyist in Full,” New York Times, 5/1/05]

NEARLY 2/3RD OF CONTRIBUTIONS FROM ABRAMOFF’S TRIBAL CLIENTS, ABRAMOFF HIMSELF, HIS LOBBYING TEAM, AND THEIR SPOUSES FROM 1999-2004 WENT TO REPUBLICANS: Of the $5,355,039 in contributions from Abramoff’s tribal clients, Abramoff himself, his lobbying team, and their spouses from 1999-2004, 63.7% of it went to Republicans. [Derek Willis and Laura Stanton, “How Abramoff Spread the Wealth,” Washington Post, 12/12/05]

ALL FOUR LAWMAKERS KNOWN BE UNDER JUSTICE DEPARTMENT INVESTIGATIONS FOR THE ABRAMOFF SCANDALS ARE REPUBLICANS: All four lawmakers known to be under Justice Department investigation for the Abramoff scandal are Republicans (Ney, Burns, Doolittle, and DeLay). A former Bush Administration official has also been charged in the case. [Susan Schmidt and James V. Grimaldi, “Lawmakers Under Scrutiny in Probe of Lobbyist,” Washington Post, 11/26/05]

64 OF HIS 72 SKYBOX FUNDRAISING EVENTS BETWEEN 1999 AND 2003 WERE PUT ON FOR REPUBLICANS: Of the 72 skybox fundraising events held by Abramoff between 1999 and 2003, 64 were put on for Republicans, many of them members of the House leadership, and many of them undisclosed. [Susan Schmidt and Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, “Tribal Money Linked to GOP Fundraising,” Washington Post, 12/26/04]

ACCORDING TO THE HILL, BIGGEST FIGURES IN THE ABRAMOFF SCANDALS ARE ALL REPUBLICANS: In a December ’05 article, The Hill listed the 17 biggest figures in the Abramoff scandal. All were Republican lawmakers, officials, and aides save one, a business partner of Abramoff’s with ties to the mob. [Josephine Hearn, “High-stakes players who gambled at the table with Casino Jack,” 12/7/05]

  1. ok i don`t look for an answer but i`ll do this any way none of the others did. i busted my rear for john kerry for a solid yr. same with al gore i was born a dem. will
    die one. but if john kerry had fought like al gore did he would be president today instead he just said here bush you won ohio and you`re the president. every one knew bush did`nt win ohio. for john kerry i would`nt vote for him or edwards for dog catcher. they are as much responsible for the degrading of our country as adolph bush is. i hope we have some one with back bone to run right now i haven`t figured out who it is. MAYBE IT`S TIME FOR A WOMAN MAYBE HILLARY IF BILL IS ALONG SIDE HER
    WILLIS CALHOUN    Jan 6, 04:25 PM    #
  2. At this point in our fascist country’s history, all I can say is that the Democrats have dragged their feet for so long, it would be impossible to impeach all the Republican fascists in our midst. But the Democrats could find a spine and impeach at least George W Bush and Dick Cheney, the most visible fascists around. Anything short of impeachment is a disgrace to our country and its legacy.
    T Hodges    Jan 6, 04:32 PM    #
  3. It constantly amazes me that the firebrands of the Democratic Party seem to be those who haven’t actually been elected to a political office.

    It’s those of us out here – in the field – on blogs and message boards and chat rooms – who are the ones that seem to have a BACKBONE to fight the hypocritical conservatives.

    Where’s the rhetoric? Where’s the anger? Where’s the debate? During the anti-war protests, I was lucky to have heard Martin Sheen (Bartlett for President!) speak. He was more eloquent, more impassioned than Kerry ever DREAMED of being.

    We need you, Congresswoman, to be impassioned. We need you to be our attack dog. We need ALL of the Democrats in the House AND the Senate to do that.

    You have to be our voice. You have to be our anger and our rage that our country has been hijacked.

    You have to be that for us. It’s what we elected you for.
    A. Mauck    Jan 6, 04:55 PM    #
  4. The Social conscious of our First World Nations left with the Mars Rover and Spirit machines to define another era. The survivors of this nation better be ready when the bottom drops out and be ready as communities to support one another. The blood of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens is on the head and shoulders of the current administration – the prez has dollar signs for eyes and Iraqi oil for a heart. Casino Jack once held the dreams and visions of a fascist society where only the wealthy have any say so… where is my voice in all this and where are my childrens rights to the natural properties that we all have joint responsibility as citizens?
    Lorraine Shananaquet    Jan 6, 04:59 PM    #
  5. Indeed, Bush should be impeached just on the very simple fact that he has lied repeatedly about the connection between Hussein and bin Laden, not once but repeatedly and even to this day since a little over a year after the 9/11 attacks, even though he and Cheney were told 10 days after 9/11 that there was no such connection. That is just one of their many lies.

    Louise Slaughter, if you are going to bring up the ethics crisis in the White House and in the Republican Congress, then at least include this particular bald-faced lie: “The war on terror, you can’t distinguish between al Qaeda and Saddam when you talk about the war on terror,” said Bush on September 25, 2002—a quote from a CNN article, which serves as another fine example of Bush’s inadequacy with the English language and of his concomitant lack of leadership abilities.

    More importantly, the result of this lie was that over 120,000 people have died (over 117,000 Iraqis and over 2,000 Americans) while the war drove up the price of Bush’s oil stocks and the value of his family’s munitions manufacturing business.

    In contrast, Clinton’s lie for which he was impeached killed no one and was not against the law—morally challenged, yes, but illegal.

    Hmmm, wartime profiteering, mass murder, and now violating our Constitutional rights vs. an instance of infidelity—which side of this Bush vs. Clinton ethics equation is more reprehensible? If you have any doubts about this, then America is truly lost.
    RMF    Jan 6, 05:26 PM    #
  6. “In contrast, Clinton’s lie for which he was impeached killed no one and was not against the law—morally challenged, yes, but illegal.”
    I meant ”... but NOT illegal.”
    RMF    Jan 6, 05:30 PM    #
  7. Louise, what are we going to do about the Democrats who were caught up in the Jack Abramoff Scandal? What about Reid?????? As a Democrat, this is upsetting; I know that you said it was a Republican Scandal, but——there were a few Democrats involved.
    Mary    Jan 6, 05:42 PM    #
  8. Louise,
    I want you to kick ass and take names. The Democrats in the House and Senate have to get smart and start hammering these criminals for the things they’ve done. Our country has been looted for the past 5 years ( health care, education, environment, bankruptcy, economy) to line the pockets of oil companies, banks and big business. It’s about time the Democrats get their act together and start protecting the middle class while we still have one.
    The erosion of civil rights is only the latest issue we need to discuss. Let’s get the ball rolling and don’t stop!
    Anne Duffy    Jan 6, 05:59 PM    #
  9. Every time the “Republicans” get in office, theres a major scandal !! They are all Corrupt, remember the Iran Contra Scandal of the 80s & 90s !!! Now, we have many of those same players back in the adminstration again !!!!!! We now have,, again,, a “Shadow Government-with in a Government” again, just like we had under the 1st Bush Adminstration and under the Regan Era,, Its time westart looking at “Impeaching” these Corrupt Politicians, and revolking they’re salaries and government benefits, they should be made and forced to “Forfeit” their salaries and benefits, and banned from giving any paid speaches for the next 20 years, and be made to serve “prision time” in a US Federal penetentary with NO special privilages!!!!! The War in Iraq is going very bad for us, and the General in command ovr there, should be investigated believe its Mr Casey,,, the Nations Southern Bordr along Mexico needs to be addressed, understand that recently the Border Patrol has been under Gun Fire from illegals crossing the border according to the CNN web site,, this needs serious attention fast, military wise !!!! America has had enough from these Lieing Republicans who just want to put a Spin on everything to cover their Asses,,, time to stand up to the liars !!!!!!!!!
    JetRanger    Jan 6, 06:03 PM    #
  10. I am trying very hard to understand where the Democrats are when Bush has ADMITTED to breaking the law and the scandals in the White House are tripping over each other. They actually impeached President Clinton for a personal matter that the Republican right wingers blew totally out of proportion. And now when the President admits he did something illegal to “his fellow Americans” the Dems do nothing but argue and make speeches about how terrible it is. Where is Ken Starr when you need him. He would have lynched Bush by now had he been on our side.
    Carol Miller    Jan 6, 06:17 PM    #
  11. Do not allow the democrats to be dragged in this by tenuous connections a la Whitewater. Follow the example of Abercrombie:

    Abercrombie said he will not return his donation from Abramoff’s Indian tribe client because that would imply the tribe was guilty of wrongdoing when it’s Abramoff who cheated them. /
    Robbedvoter    Jan 6, 06:22 PM    #
  12. Ms. Slaughter – the problems with Jack and his buddies aren’t limited to republicans. There are a few democrats worried about where the trail may lead also.

    Let’s try to stay objective on this.
    greg reber    Jan 6, 06:30 PM    #
  13. You go Louise –

    I have watched with growing bewilderment as the American public has ceded our government to a Republican party that I believe will be remembered as the most arrogant, misguided and corrupt in our beloved nations history.

    WAKE UP America…’s time to clear out this den of thieves!
    Dave Crost    Jan 6, 09:14 PM    #
  14. One question: has any Democrat taken money from DeLay/Jack ?
    Don Cohen    Jan 6, 10:24 PM    #
  15. Ms. Slaughter,
    Since these airwaves are a PUBLIC RESOURCE ADMINISTERED BY THE FCC, WTH did your local stations decide they needed to run their Limbaugh wanna-be shows instead of your national radio address? And since you have some power in this matter as opposed to the rest of us, WHY DO YOU LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS @#$%? Can we once again return to civil discourse or must we go to another civil war? Thanx – darms

    {Ms. Slaughter, please mute your ears, I apologize in advance. You NSA bastards, go fuck yourselves. They are now always listening, right?)
    darms    Jan 6, 10:56 PM    #
  16. Ms. Slaughter,

    I say (as a Democrat) name ‘em all. Repubs and Dems alike. Get rid of all the rotten apples. I’ll bet when it’s done the rottenest will be Bush, Rove and Cheney! Impeachment is the only answer, here. Let’s take back our country from corporate america, lest Big Brother starts to eliminate us completly. It’s been a scarey 5 years and frankly, I cannot believe it’s gone this far. Cheney and his company can’t have THAT much money to be able to buy a President AND a Country, can he? Or do the bin Laden family really own us?
    Karen    Jan 6, 11:17 PM    #
  17. Thanks for blogging Louise Slaughter!

    Please join Representative John Conyers and our other top legislator bloggers and share your traffic stats with the people using the free sitemeter.

    Thank you very much.

    Doug Kenline    Jan 7, 12:27 AM    #
  18. While the scandal is mainly a Republican one based on the number of members of congress and the dollar amounts. I don’t think the public really gives a damm. Sad as this may seem I think the American Public has resigned themselves to a currupt Congress.

    60%+ of the US citizen are mad about the war. The issue that the Dem leadership is afraid of. Here in MN the Dem leadership is telling the cadidates to be gentle about the war.

    The Dem party is a party without a leadership that can tackle the issues that the average American really care about. The Dems need to take the issues that mainstreet America really cares about like the war, the lies that lead up to the war and just hammer them on those limited issues. Bush is a dry drunk and can’t cope with the pressure of an focused campaign.

    Do like Rove and Chenney and focus on 2 or 3 issues and make them squirm like they do the Dem leadership.

    Once in power you can address the issues that are important to Progressive Americans. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. That is how the NEOCONS do it and unless you can play their game you will never accomplish anything.

    You don’t support the troops by supporting the lies that kill and wound them.
    Gregg B. Harcus    Jan 7, 12:42 AM    #
  19. Louise you mistate it: it is not a “growing Republican ethical crisis”, rather it is the exposing of an ethical crisis that has existed, largely in public, for a long time. It is not just Jack’s R’s, but also some Dem’s who are in someone else’s wallet. The rest of the world laughs on easy it is to buy our politicians, albeit “legally”. The Dems need to prescribe the “Cure” in public soon (the proverbial Elephont in the Room) before the R’s try the high road.
    Thank you for your speech in advance, and for your leadership in recovering our country.
    Rick Grosscup    Jan 7, 01:41 AM    #
  20. Finally, a Democrat with balls! Rep. Slaughter, you should send your fellow Dems a backbone, since few of you have one. Don’t let the Repubs step into a phone booth covered with ehtical sleeze and emerge pristine clean. Point out the ratio of ethically challenged Repubs to Dems and ask the American public who’s responsible?
    Len Levine    Jan 7, 09:38 AM    #
  21. One item I’d like to add to the great Backgrounder that Louise and her staff have put together is an interesting quote from Jack Abramoff from his days with the College Republicans. According to Wikipedia, Abramoff is quoted in their 1983 annual report saying: “It is not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left. Our job is to remove them from power permanently.”

    Additionally, his “close personal friend” Tom Delay brags that he founded the Texans for a Republican Majority, Political Action Committee (TRiMPAC).

    These philosophies are patently un-American. They seek to destroy our system of checks and balances that our forefathers built. When men and women like these can make public statements like this without the American people screaming “Fascist”!, then we have an education problem. The Democrat party needs to invest in educating the American public.
    J. Brandes    Jan 7, 10:38 AM    #
  22. Louise, I read a transcript of your remarks, and I applaud them. I hope that more Democrats in the House and Senate join you in denouncing this culture of corruption that the Republicans have created because it endangers our country and our Constitution.
    Ayesha    Jan 7, 12:06 PM    #
  23. This mornings paper says that John Dean has raised over 50 million for the Democrats. Where did this money come from?
    John H. St.John    Jan 7, 01:30 PM    #
  24. A big thank you to the Honorable Lousie Slaughter and her staff for her radio address.

    It’s time to sweep corporate corruption (Republicans) out of the White House and the congress and allow our country to heal.

    Once the corporatists are out, they need to be kept out. Period. Whatever it takes.
    Dave C.    Jan 7, 02:37 PM    #
  25. It’s great to hear such great debate…just kidding. Good try democrats, you’re off the wall again. “Culture of corruption”? Yes of course. It must be. That’s why you haven’t gained more than 50% of the popular vote in a generation. Such corruption. You have no ideas. Nothing. All you have left is to try and tear down a party that out-thinks you and actually acts on their policies. And you call Republicans “fascist”? Who is it that wants welfare as a key policy? That’s you, democrats. And policies like that which you support are of a socialist nature. This is a capitalist, free market society. Maybe if you got your head on straight and became the democrats of old, people would actually care. But hey that’s why I left the party after this last election. So keep up your conspiracy theories and try and “take back” the country. Show some leadership, perhaps? Good luck.
    Paul C.    Jan 7, 02:42 PM    #
  26. Great speech, Louise, you clearly laid out the misdeeds of the Republicans and the dangers of having one party control all branches of the government, however, as with many of the Democratic responses, it seemed rushed, as if you and the others know that you only have a short time to make your points and you try to cram in everything you can. As a slow-speaking Virginian, I like it when you carefully select your points and take your time to zing your opponents in your slower Kentucky drawl, making points that stick in the minds of the listeners.

    I appreciate you so much and all that you do. Keep up the good work.
    Doug Midkiff    Jan 7, 03:19 PM    #
  27. Although I do not live in your State, I do support your work. Please keep up the great fight, it is now time to investigate, and tell the truth to the ignorant masses about this lackluster admistration. These lost idiots threaten our society, and we cannot stand for it. Regards to you, Brad Turner.
    Brad Turner    Jan 7, 03:57 PM    #
  28. Cheers to every dem that confronts the Republicans on EVERY one of their constant lies and instances of corruption.

    But, you are all deafeningly SILENT on the most important issue; stolen elections.

    The current technology exists to plant a code in the voting machines, change election results, and then, have the code programmed to disappear. We have had TWO stolen Presidential elections; yet the majority of the country INCLUDIND dems believe that fraudulent elections are in the realm of ‘conspiracy theory’. When are the dems going to go out and scream about this from the rooftops? Why do you allow these CREEPS to silence the truth with a few condescending words?

    Bottom line; dems will not win back the Congress or Senate UNTIL they stop the Republicans from stealing the elections. They will do it, as long as we allow them to get away with it. Why would they stop? Especially when the President stands to be impeached, if we regain control. I have not a doubt in my mind or heart that dems would win both the Senate & Congress back, IF we had an accurate, honest count of the votes.

    I recommend:

    The dems putting out a national alert. Constant press conferences about this issue. Town meetings with constituents. Bring in experts – media blitz of ads. Bring it to the people.

    ALL of you should say it constantly and TOGETHER; Our election systems are NOT secure. It has been PROVEN that they can be hacked. We can not have another election until we fix this!!!

    And, PLEASE, stop telling us you are trying to bring legislation to change this – you will fail until you have control of the House & Senate – and that will not happen until you confront this issue.

    DO IT NOW!

    Please stop wasting our time, money, hopes, and energy. I would campaign for all the democrats until I dropped, but it seems rather pointless, if the elections are rigged.

    PLEASE address this before the 2006 election; in other words, before it is to late!
    Deborah Lusignan    Jan 7, 04:00 PM    #
  29. That’s one of the best radio addresses I’ve heard in a long time and NPR even played a clip of it. Thank you for bringing to light the fact that our country is being sold to the highest bidder. Thank you for bringing up the statistics concerning lobbying. More now than ever before, we are living under corporate tyranny. As long as our political representation is for sale, our democracy does not exist.

    We really need more Democrats like you Congresswoman Slaughter. Thank you for fighting for the people.

    Allen    Jan 7, 05:00 PM    #
  30. The DNC website has a link to the MP3 audio from Louise Slaughter’s radio address: (click)
    jc    Jan 7, 05:47 PM    #
  31. Great radio address.
    Hang in there guys – eventually even Republicans will get tired of trying to wash all the mud off.

    Politics swing like a pendulum – and it will swing back.

    Bush will always be known as the worst president this country has ever not elected.

    When the media actually feels comfortable again in going after misdoings, and talks about what is wrong … we know it’s getting ready to go down.

    Terrific job Ms. Slaughter! Just keep hitting away with the truth. Many many many people do NOT support this trash on the Hill. In my state, we have JD Hayseed – Abramoff suckup extraordinaire who STILL refuses to give back his $150,000+.

    It’s everywhere – but it CAN be stopped. Eventually it will stink so bad that it must be buried.
    basheert01    Jan 7, 06:32 PM    #
  32. The points made are good. I would just suggest avoiding words like “ethics” and “integrity.” People don’t know what they mean. “Dishonest” everyone understands.
    Saying the same word over and over may be boring, but it gets the message across.
    Even “culture of corruption” can be boiled down to “dishonest.” What makes that particular phrase worth using is the alliteration. Also, “culture” is suspect to begin with. So, when the word “corruption” is added, it merely reinforces what people sense already.
    Monica Smith    Jan 7, 06:45 PM    #
  33. Rep.Slaughter, From what i have read on the internet news it’s looks like Tom Delay will be leaveing.
    Dave Winfield    Jan 7, 09:32 PM    #
  34. To all the Republican/Neo Nazis who call universal health care and welfare socialistic policies in nature, well then, you should be all for it, since the majority of you claim to be Christian, moral people. Christ never charged a shekel for his alleged healings, nor for the food he shared at the Sermon on the Mount. That makes him socialistic (and communistic) by nature.

    Then, too, most of the New Testament decries the Republican’s current capitalistic, rob-the-poor-and-give-to-the-rich tax policies of late: “It is harder for a rich man to go to Heaven than for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle.” “Gather ye not treasures of this earth, for I go to prepare for you a room in my Father’s house.” The Bible contains many more instances like that where Christ puts down the kind of greed and corruption highly prevalent in both parties but more heavily so in the Republican party, and as well as passages that exhort us to be good stewards of the earth (Bush’s crew continues to gut EPA regs in spite of Bush supposedly being a “born-again Christian”),to help take care of those among us who are least able (“Whatsoever ye do to the least of these ye do also unto me” contrasts sharply with how Bush’s crew constantly cuts funds for entitlement and educational programs on which poor people depend), and to carry out other “socialistic principles” as the ignorant writer of post 25 declares we Democratics tout.

    Well, if Christ, Gandhi, Buddha, and many, many other spiritual leaders have applauded such “socialistic” behavior, then it is certainly good enough for us Democratic Americans to ensure democracy, versus the aristocratic oligarchy that now controls our nation’s capitol, once again takes hold in America.
    RMF    Jan 7, 10:11 PM    #
  35. I note over and over again about how many bloggers, letter writers, etc. refer to the Democrats as “ball-less”, wimps, weak-kneed, or whatever, and I agree. John Kerry was a pathetic candidate, I choked as I voted for him. Hillary is another disgusting middle-of-the roader that I wouldn’t even waste a choke on. I’ll go back to voting Independent if she’s my choice. Howard Dean has balls, Barack Obama has 85% balls, and maybe there are one or two others. The Democrats buy into the Republican arguments usally with little squeaking of opposition and then wonder why half of America is “centrist”. Half of America is not “centrist”, it’s just that the Dems don’t make any arguments as to WHY people should support their policies, be they moral reasons, religious reasons, or just plain fiscal smartness reasons. This administration is fascist and no one will stand up and say so. They don’t have to use the word fascist, maybe they can coin a new one like the Republicans do. Or co-op the language of the conservatives they way the Repubs have co-opted the language of the liberals to make Americans think that there is something wrong with being one.
    LoneTreeFox    Jan 8, 10:16 AM    #
  36. Beautiful!I haven’t heard the speech your Honor, but I will.It’s been a long time coming,these revelations of corruption-exposing these nefarious characters for what they are.History is at hand-we have the chance to finally run these clowns out of town.The damage they’ve done isn’t limited to our little corner of the world anymore.Planet Earth is getting smaller by the day,and the net has us connected as never before in History.The grumpy old white men have had their time-let our ballots replace their bullets as America’s voice.These men have betrayed all we were led to believe to enrich themselves-sending our brothers,sisters,neighbors and friends to die in an immoral,inept attempt at one can only construe as a hairbrained plot to sow as much chaos as possible to steal as much as possible using the tragedy of 911 as an excuse.”The most insidious of traitors”to quote ol man bush himself.If we are to regain our credibility as a nation,we,the people, must stand and be counted in opposition of the republican agenda when its servants place the needs of their party and its corporate masters before the needs of this nation,imperiling not only the United States,but the World body as a whole.This is not the republican party of our fathers.Send cheney and his minions to prison,and then we can set about the important work of rebuilding the destruction they have wrought ASAP.
    Erik Sleeper    Jan 8, 12:03 PM    #
  37. It seems the party in dominance so often assumes the authority to disregard the people’s concerns, looks out for their own or that of their friends and contributors, while secretly hiding their deceitfulness from the public at large. Today, we are once again seeing the tide of greed, cronyism, and corruption, caused by the few, or not so few, self-serving power-drunk, flood over and wipeout the productive work of the ethical congressperson, who wants to lead the country in direction of unity and fair-mindedness.

    Far too many in the general public are of the impression that all politicians, of both parties, are simply corrupt by nature (they all do it, so what’s all the fuss?). Of course this has never been the case; there have always been honest and dishonest politicians on either side. Many Americans and I desire to see the honorable congressmen and congresswomen of both parties work together to cure, and prevent the infection we are witnessing today.

    And in the event that the Democratic Party should regain control of the House and Senate, this coming November, we expect that Democratic Party leaders would reign in that sense of superiority that can so easily creep in and overtake their own good intentions. This ten or eleven year period of being in the minority, should have taught the lesson that checks and balances are a shared responsibility.

    Thank you, Representative Louise Slaughter, for your concise and enlightening radio address, and thank you for representing me all these many years.
    Thomas O'Grady    Jan 8, 12:13 PM    #
  38. Dems are flawless?? and without blame and corruption?
    Here is the list of all who recieved cash from Jack.
    Rus Thompson    Jan 8, 01:06 PM    #
  39. Good address. You hit the nail on the head when you said this is about special interests of industry writing our energy and health care policies. Those, of course are only 2 examples. Add to that the new bankruptcy law, environmental policy and on and one… and perhaps even whether or not we needed to invade other countries to secure our future in fossil fuels and the pipeline in Afganistan.
    Howard Schoenfeld    Jan 8, 05:29 PM    #
  40. Way to go, Louise!

    About time the nation gets to hear the common sense we have come to expect from our representative.

    Sad that there aren’t more like you in Congress…seems way too many of the Abramhoff/DeLay ilk.

    And for you national bloggers out there, we almost didn’t have this wonderful representative due to screwball political redistricting.
    Many of Louise’s supporters were moved into Republican districts while Louise’s district was redrawn stretching from Rochester, NY west to Niagara Falls. I am one of the fortunate who have been able to retain this wonderful lady as my representative in Congress.

    I know I can trust Louise to stand for everything that I hold true and dear.
    Mary Jane DelMastro    Jan 8, 05:50 PM    #
  41. Ms. Slaughter,

    I am very proud of you.Thank you for having a bacbone and being a strong steady voice for our party.We need that.Please continue doing what’s right for the American people.
    DeeAnna Roberts    Jan 9, 01:35 AM    #
  42. I think that personaly we should cut 100% of our defense budget and feed and clothe the entire world without leaving a single human being on earth. Journey of a thousand steps
    Ryan Graves    Jan 10, 04:46 AM    #
  43. Thanks Louise. Your radio address was great.
    The tide is turning away from the Repugs and we Dems must be ready to win back the house with sound policy.
    Ken Preston    Jan 10, 07:03 AM    #
  44. Democrat here in SC Mrs, Slaughter, and you have my support also. Impeach the PNAC cabal!
    Join John Conyers!
    bill    Jan 11, 02:03 AM    #
  45. Your blog has died Louise. Please keep your blog alive with more frequent posting. Thank you very much.
    Doug Kenline    Jan 14, 05:25 PM    #
  46. Ms. Slaughter, why aren’t the bush girls in IRAQ? Is it because they are like there Father ,are they are on a Police blotter? How about the other deserter Chenney’s Daughter. How’is Jeb’s boy doing out of jail in Austin, TX. ? What a Family of thuggs!!!!!!!! He must be impeached.A Korean Veteran ‘50-’51
    51st signal Bat. 82nd Airborne.Al Gigliotti
    Al Gigliotti    Jan 17, 10:52 PM    #
  47. I think the proposed reforms do not go far enough. I would take four steps:

    1) Screen visitors to our legislators based on whether they want to advocate for the public good or for private concerns; this should send corporate lobbyists packing.

    2) Require free broadcast time for candidates to public office, eliminating the need for large campaign donations.

    3) Make inroads against people’s distorted understanding of our government by requiring free public access to C-Span 1 and C-Span 2.

    4) Pay attention to and eliminate conflicts of interest in our government by forbidding participation in government to those who clearly have or have had them in recent years.

    It may be difficult to put such measures over, but their simplicity may have great public appeal. After all, we don’t send representatives to Washington to represent the corporations, do we?
    Laura    Jan 18, 06:45 PM    #
  48. I was one of your early supporters
    when you first ran for congress.
    I still send a contribution once a
    year though I live in New Mexico.
    Thank you for your good work.
    I am especially interested in
    universal coverage for health care.
    I favor the single payer model.
    marion seymour    Jan 18, 10:05 PM    #
  49. Hooray – the Democrats are finally speaking out about our ethically challenged congress. I have been astounded at the corruption that has existed over the past 5 years.
    I am 70 yrs old and fortunate enough to have seen the glory days of our country but I am saddened by what has happened during this administration.
    We have gone from the greatest, most respected country in the world to the most hated. Our greatest asset – middle class – is on the decline, poverty is rising every day, health care is in crisis, educational policies have our children in last place among the industrial nations, our borders are totally unprotected, and our president has arrogantly changed all the rules of our great and civilized country.
    Pleaseeeeee…..rally the Democratic party to get out and fight to change the course of our country before we are drowned in debt, taken over by big business greed, become a two class nation of very rich and very poor, or be obliviated by the many people around the world who hate us.
    Marlene Francis    Jan 18, 10:59 PM    #
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