Another Tom DeLay in Congress?

Tuesday July 19, 2005

Support Paul HackettOn August 2nd, voters in Ohio will be electing my next colleague in Congress and the choice couldn’t be more clear.

The Republican in the race, Jean Schmidt, is a real right-wing extremist of the Tom DeLay/ Duke Cunningham variety.

Paul Hackett, on the other hand, is the type of progressive I need by my side in Washington.

Local papers recently revealed that his opponent, ”...failed to report dinner and tickets to a Cincinnati Bengals’ game that she and other state lawmakers received from a California biotech company.” As a result, Schmidt and several other legislators are now the target of an ethics investigation.

Wait. It gets worse.

At a time when all eyes are on the Supreme Court, Schmidt couldn’t be more divorced from the values we share. She currently serves as president of an extreme anti-choice group and supports legislation encouraging the display of the Ten Commandments in public schools.

Paul Hackett represents a clear alternative to Schmidt.

Paul opposed the war in Iraq from the very beginning but answered the call to duty leaving his wife and children at home, to serve his country in Falluja as a major in the United States Marine Corps.

We have a chance to send the Republican Party a message well in advance of the 2006 midterm elections. We can stand against the right-wing extremism and ethical problems that cloud Washington by sending Paul Hackett to Congress on August 2nd!

Paul needs your help today. Please make a generous contribution of $20 (or more) to his campaign. Your contribution will make it possible for him to reach voters through the mail, radio, television and door to door in these crucial, final days of the campaign.

I need more colleagues like Paul in Congress and hope he can count on your support.


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