Speaking Out Has Its Price...

Wednesday June 29, 2005

Since I became Ranking Member of the powerful Rules Committee in Congress this January, I have witnessed some of the most destructive and harmful politics in recent memory. I know you’ve been watching too.

The Republican Leadership in Congress has rigged the House ethics process to defend the scandal ridden Tom Delay and shamelessly advance a divisive, right wing agenda aimed at transforming the federal government for their own ideological devices.


The same Republicans who came to power in 1994, talking about openness and reform, have been revealed as extremists who seek to govern by ruthlessly crushing dissent, plotting with lobbyists to write devastating legislation and flouting every rule in the book as it relates to bipartisanship and good conduct.

All the while, our troops remain in harms way, the economy is suffering, the media is rampant with bias, gas prices continue to soar, and there are no major plans to address the challenges facing our health care system or the savings and retirement needs of our families.

In Washington these days, I seem to be spending more time blowing the whistle on the broken process in the United States House of Representatives and less time working with my colleagues to advance policies that improve the lives of hard working families throughout America.

But, it must be done.

I wish I could boast about new, hopeful, bipartisan efforts to make health care more available and Medicare safe and secure for the long-term. But all I can report is that the Republican Majority wants to privatize Social Security.

I wish I could tell you about new initiatives to grow the economy, raise the minimum wage, encourage savings and retirement security. But all I can report is that the other side is too busy defending Tom Delay to have a serious discussion about reducing gas prices or protecting our troops in Iraq.

So, I know I must fight until we get serious about the real challenges facing our country. And, I need you to get serious with me.

I have been a thorn in the side of the Republican Majority, calling them out for their outrageous abuses of power. I’ve held them accountable for their misguided policies that hurt our environment, our economy and our foreign policy.

It’s no wonder then that these same people who are intent on winning at all costs will want to see me defeated next year.


Now that I am the highest-ranking Democrat on one of the most important committees in Congress… and I’m standing up and speaking out on the issues that I was sent there to demand action on… I am a target.

I’ve never taken any election for granted, and I don’t plan to start now.

I have no idea what tricks our opponents may have up their sleeves for next year, so I have to ask you to help me prepare for the 2006 battle. With opponents as committed and blood thirsty as ours, we can never start too early.

That’s why I must raise enough money to defend my seat in Congress if they come knocking at our door.

At midnight on June 30th, I must report to the Federal Election Commission the status of my campaign fundraising. National Republican operatives will be closely watching how much money I have in the bank to see if there is an opportunity to take me out. The top House races in the nation may well cost more than $5 million in 2006. So, I must take their partisan threats seriously.

I need your help today to send a message that we are ready to fight and our voice will not be silenced.

Please click the link below and donate $20 (or whatever generous amount you can afford) to my campaign. Your support will go a long way towards meeting the challenge we face for speaking out.


I’m counting on you to stand with me today as we work to take back Congress and our nation’s agenda from those who would rather divide us and strangle progress on the issues that matter most for our future. Your generous contribution will help me stand and fight, knowing that I can win the possible fight we face in 2006.

I thank you for your continued friendship and dedication to the values we share.


In Solidarity,

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter

P.S. Please make your contribution today to make certain it is counted before the fund raising deadline at midnight on June 30th!

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