We Demand Accountability!

Monday June 20, 2005

Last week we launched a campaign.

It is a campaign seeking truth and accountability. A campaign that more than 2,500 have already joined.


We’ve spent more than $200 billion in Iraq and of that, more than $9 billion has disappeared or been wasted. That is wholly and completely unacceptable.

During World War II, Harry Truman established what became known as the Truman Commission which consisted of a group of dedicated public servants who were committed to examining all financial and military transactions related to the war effort. Their work served to expose and eliminate any waste, mismanagement, or corruption which put our troops in harms way.

Please join me in demanding that Congress audit Iraq by creating a Truman Commission that monitors and investigates every penny being spent there.


It is time to bring accountability to this horrible problem once and for all.


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